Value of Membership

Memorial Health Network provides physicians with an opportunity to partner with each other and with Memorial Healthcare System and together distinguish themselves in the market on the basis of quality, service, and cost as the preferred provider network of healthcare services. Memorial Health Network offers providers the opportunity to join a thriving clinically integrated network of physicians that has already realized many of the benefits of clinical integration. During our initial year of operations, we have provided healthcare to more than 40,000 patients; we have formulated, refined, and tracked 19 Progress Report metrics that assist our physicians to achieve performance standards and provide care of measurably high quality; and we have initiated a “Go Generic” program of information and education that will help us realize substantial savings through increased usage rates of generic medications. Most importantly, we’ve fostered a collaborative culture that will help physicians to succeed in this new era of value-based healthcare.

Benefits of Clinical Integration:

  • Optimize care coordination between hospitals and physicians
  • Share best practices
  • Utilize standardized performance benchmarks to improve patient outcomes
  • Reduce fragmentation in delivery of care
  • Reduce duplicative diagnostic testing and adverse prescription drug interactions
  • Diminish incidence of conflicting care plans
  • Facilitate joint contracting between groups of physicians and insurers
  • Allow providers to receive financial distributions from cost reductions
  • Position physicians for success with new value-based payment models

Join us in realizing the multiple benefits of clinical integration—the new anatomy of healthcare.


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