Here`s To Your Health

The Memorial Health Network (MHN) was created with you, the patient, in mind. A central objective of our clinically integrated Network is to allow providers to share information instantaneously, enabling primary care physicians and specialists to understand your health history and provide a concerted, well-informed course of treatment. The Network also employs measurable performance benchmarks for physicians. These encourage best practices among all providers, assisting us to provide the highest quality of care.

Our Mission

To promote the integration of healthcare services and provide effective patient management in order to produce exceptional clinical outcomes and achieve a high level of patient satisfaction…

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Frequently Asked Questions

At MHN, we believe that clinical integration represents the future of healthcare delivery. Because clinical integration unites physicians with each other as well as with hospitals, it allows us to provide the highest quality of healthcare services with great efficiency and enhanced attention to patient needs. If you have questions about our clinically integrated model, we have the answers. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page…

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